Friday, August 14

Gun Bag

I just received this directly from James Piatt this morning. Yes, it is a handbag. $379. Good luck at the airport.

Wednesday, August 12

Dino Egg

I was at the store today for grocery shopping (yes, coming back from a month-long vacation to an EMPTY FRIDGE!) and these peculiar, little things I saw on display. The bright pink sticker on each fruit says "Dinosaur Egg™ Produce of USA" and a neon green brontosaurus prances merrily on print.

I guessed these things were in the same family as plums, based on size and skin texture. Well I bought some and bit into one. Yup, it's just a plum with speckled skin. The taste is extremely mild, with a slight tart, not flavourful and vibrant like regular plums are. However, the only thing spectacular about this dinosaur egg is the awesome dual tone flesh on the inside. Check it out below.

So buy it to say you bought some Jurassic produce, but don't expect to be impressed.