Saturday, February 20

Narcissism at its finest

This is the man and this is his neck piece. As Trey Kerby so aptly describes it, "Forged in the fires of Mordor from 1,300 grams (or 2.9 pounds) of 14-karat gold." And yes, it is smothered in diamonds. I think the chains as dreads element is genius. Good job, Marquis Daniels.

Wednesday, February 10

(Second) Atlantic Snow Dump

Yes, yes. It's been a month. I'm having the busiest semester ever, which is more overwhelming than I had originally expected. I bravely signed up for that one course with that one professor whom is famous for throwing you everything and the kitchen sink. About 15% of the original enrollment has already dropped out, so I can say that I am making sure I'll pass the course. This is one of those situations where only the strong will survive.

Hence, today is the only day I got a breather because they closed the school down since it has been snowing for about 48 hours and the snow pile up is actually barely noticeable. The last time they closed this place down, we had three times more snow. I guess I can say that the current administration is just like Washington now -- a bunch of wussies -- Barack always jibes them about their inability to handle the snow. His Chicago and our Detroit did make it to the top 25 worse winter weather cities, unlike D.C.

So please enjoy the view from my balcony, while I try to be productive today. There's impending doom on the exam coming up this weekend.

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!