Tuesday, July 28

Python is ... who cares ... I want it!

Yes. Yes. O be still my beating heart. Is this perfection or what?

The most surprising discovery I made today was stumbling across a fantastic and well-edited Zagliani and Pauric Sweeney python-only collection, about half a dozen bags in varying sizes and colours but mostly metallics, at a store on the luxury retail floor of my favourite mall in the city.

I was just astounded, mainly because retailing is demand and supply and no one this side of Asia let alone wee-little-old-corner-of-the-equator here has actually heard of Dr. Zagliani and his crazy silicone injections or the youthful genius that is Pauric Sweeney. As the stereotype goes, it really is monogram lovers land here.

I asked the Sales Assistant if any of these bags had been sold and she said yes. I was floored. So there is a lone retail buyer out there who has been stocking these beautiful exotic bags to the tune of almost (after conversion) USD 3,700, which is borderline rip-off. Clearly there is a discerning woman or a very generous man in the city whom actually gets the whole idea of buying the best in the business, and not merely just buying a brand that is Vuitton, or Chanel, or Dior.

But back to the PS1 in Python: I am pleased that there are still many wonderful things (literally) to look forward to (owning) in life.

Alien Vibrating Mascaras and other stories

I'm quite a newbie to eye makeup in general, which upon reflection either shows how much I love skin preservation, or how much wasted potential I've allowed in not highlighting one of my best facial features.

To shortcut years or adolescent makeup ignorance, I have ventured into the deep waters of mascaras and have tried out most of the well-documented / oft-praised department and drugstore tubes of vaseline+talc+iron oxides. Yes, mascara is all the chemical stuff your dermatologist told you to avoid.

I give myself a pat on the back because I've made astounding progress in just a few short months. There's nothing like a recession-induced boredom to make you try out new things.

Today, I want to give praise to the industry-approved Lancôme Ôscillation. This award winning bla bla bla ....

Look, let me put it this way, I have stick straight lashes that don't really stayed curled even with a (really good) curler. And yes, I own the best curler in the market.

This vibrating mascara thing curled and coated my lashes just like that; I mean LIKE THAT. And it wasn't even waterproof! Girls with stick straight lashes get my drift about waterproof mascara and keeping a curl.

7000 oscillations per minute -- Jesus didn't give me nice lashes but science did and I am now a believer. The price tag is $34.

I'm looking forward to trying the exact drugstore knockoff, right down to the vibrating mechanism: Maybelline New York Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara, at $13 a pop. Could it really be the same product for a third of the price? I'll let you know when I try it.

But for now, if you ever need a gift for your mother / sister / cousin / girlfriend / wife, get her a tube of vibrating mascara. She will thank you, I promise.

Tuesday, July 21

Rainy Day before the Tsunami

I've been out of the posting-any-relevant-or-irrelevant-updates habit for a few weeks now, mainly due to intercontinental travel. The weather conditions today (and what looks like only today) have finally allowed me to not sweat for a continuous 12 hours, and settle down and greet all of you here from a desktop in Asia Pacific.

The Middle East can't beat me here when it comes to weather complaints. They may have it hot over there, but it is hot and extremely humid (count at least 80%) over here. Every time I use the Lord's name in vain, it is mostly because of the weather.

The big thing this week for me is hearing the good news on the accurate predictions of what will supposedly be the most massive tsunami occurrence this side of the world since the last one that hit South Asia. Yes, I said it! Call me bitter. I have been forced to forego any plans to lie out on a beach because this urban legend has perpetuated to a point of being accepted as truth. Godamnit!

If you live in a tsunami predicted region, please stop being foolish and leave immediately! And with that, do not return either. The "Pacific Fire Rim" is forever, so choose your residence wisely.

Now back to the main event, for those looking forward to the total solar eclipse scheduled to take place Wednesday; July 22, 2009 (which triggers the so called tsunami), have a happy viewing.

For now I am left with memories of ogling at "Consular Agent Joshua", whose real identity I may never discover. He looks like a gorgeous, Asian version of Channing Tatum. Feast below and thank me later.