Friday, October 23

Misfit Iggy

Marc reads my mind. I love every crazy aspect of the Misfit Iggy bag here. You can tell the juxtaposing elements come together and the sensible restraint of the angular shape makes this bag scream my name. The colours are, frankly, quite heavenly.

I'm not being sarcastic: Marc Jacobs is God.

Monday, October 12

Holy Cow, McQueen!

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2010 No, no. NOOOOOOOO!

Artistic, yes. Futuristic, maybe. Pushing the limit, really; I mean; Jesus Christ!

This recalls Chinese foot binding mumbo jumbo. It's just not flattering, Alexander! Sadly, your boldness will be mistaken for genius and truckloads will follow suit.

I suspect the (hidden) platform alone is at least six inches high. If you want to look like you have flower pots as feet, be my guest.

Jibber jabber!

Tuesday, October 6

If God did not want women to wear high heels, then Jesus must have sent this to Givenchy



I don't often buy your shoes. They are poorly made, and are blatantly copies of everything that is relevant on the most recent runway shows in New York, Milan, and Paris. Inspiration is abundant but you and your team are lazy, so you make copies and charge too much for your lack of creativity.

But please; perhaps you can make yourself useful for once; copy this shoe. I understand that crocodile skin is more expensive than the price points your customers are used to. Perhaps you can just use embossed leather, calfskin preferably. Perhaps. Please.

I look forward to seeing this product on retail shelves.

The Cherry Junkie

p/s: Kindly forward my request to Forever 21 if you are not able to produce the most marvellous open toe ankle boots ever created to date, as shown above.